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  • "What can I say? Samantha felt like family after assisting us with selling my sister's home after her passing. No job was too big or too small for her to become intimately involved whether it was advising us with a particular project or just taking it on herself. She supported my wife and I throughout the process with empathy and compassion and she didn't waste time. We all got down to work immediately under her guidance. She's smart, savvy and no has no time for bs. Her attention to detail was impeccable. The house looked amazing when she was done with it and we got our asking price. We love and trust her so much we will be bringing her on board when we buy our new house next year. Thank you for everything Samantha!"

          10/24/2023 / Chris & Sienna / Santa Rosa Valley


  • "Samantha is ready, willing and able to help you with your real estate transacttion!  With her years of experience, whether you are buying or selling, she knows the ends and outs of either side of the fence.  She knows the area.  She keeps up with ever changing real estate markets and financial climates.  She has a compassionate understanding of your life needs and challenges!  And will adapt transactions accordingly!  Great follow through, attentive to dead lines, on top of every angle and she is the queen of callbacks, keeping you in the loop and up to date!  Sign up with her, you're in for a satisfying, confident real estate experience!"

          01/16/2023 / Jan M / Ventura

  • "We sold our long-term home of 23 years and Samantha's expertise and professionalism during the process helped tremendously.  She things outside the box and went above and beyond in getting things done and always making us feel like she had our backs.  She was honest and upfront and helped us manage expectations and very knowledgeable.  Can't imagine anyone else working as hard or as diligently as Samantha.  Thank you!"

          11/20/2022 / John T / Thousand Oaks

  • "We feel so lucky to have worked with Samantha as our both buying and selling agent. Thanks to her expertise, experience and dedication, we quickly sold our previous home and are now in the home of our dreams. The thought of simultaneously buying and selling can feel daunting, but she walked us through the whole process. I feel like I'd gained a friend on the "inside" who was working for me and truly looking out for my welfare. If you are in the market to buy or sell, I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha."

          06/05/2022 / Laura C / Thousand Oaks


  • "Thanks, Samantha, for everything the last 7 years with our home in California, you helped us through a very difficult modification process and the sale of our home in 2022. You have always been very professional and your assistant Sherry was the best with all of our paperwork. We could not have done this out of state sale without you. It's been such a long haul and you and your team were by our side at each new curve ball we were thrown. If you are looking for the best realtor in the So Cal area, she is definatly the one for you, there is nothing she and her team cannot handle. They won't leave you with unanswered questions. The answers you get are detailed and precise. The best you could do for yourself. Believe me you're going to save yourself much stress. Samantha's team lessons your load. You couldn't do any better."

          05/02/22 / Larry F / Newbury Park

  • "We first met Samantha when she showed us a house on the market back in the Fall of 2017. We liked her immediately. From that day forward, whenever we asked her to show us a house she instantly made it happen. Most importantly to us, she always followed up by obtaining and relaying the answers to every question we had on each property. In the spring of 2018, we thought we were finally ready to sell our beloved home and find a new home. She didn’t just leave the search up to us. Everyday Samantha sent us listings of properties we might be interested in. She made herself immediately available to show us homes whenever we asked. She always accommodated our schedule. She never rushed us through a showing. And again…she followed through, obtaining all the information we needed on each property. When putting our house on the market, Samantha didn’t make any excuses when we didn’t like the first pictures taken. She brought in another photographer and got us the most gorgeous photos. She had our house on the market within a week. She and her always available and very knowledgeable assistant Sherri went through the contacts with us with a fine tooth comb. Samantha is exceedingly trustworthy. With kid gloves and endless patience, she and Sherri answered every question we had. In not the strongest sellers market, Samantha had us a full price offer within 3 weeks. Unfortunately, at that time we also had some medical concerns and it proved too much for us to handle both situations at the same time . With deep compassion, Samantha pulled us off the market and released us with kindness. So there was no doubt in our minds who we would call when we really were ready. In the late summer on 2020, Samantha agreed to put us back on the market at the highest possible asking price. She had us listed in less than a week. She refused to put a lockbox on our house and personally showed our home to everyone interested. At the same time, she took us down to the San Diego area every time we wanted to see a house we were interested in. When our house didn’t sell immediately, Samantha remained focused on the uniqueness of the property and was determined to be patient and get us the highest price. In under two months she got us exactly what we wanted. She also helped with every difficult aspect of the even more unique property we made an offer on in SD. Samantha is not only well versed in everything real estate related, but she also has a background in mortgage loans and building construction. She has boundless energy. She never forgets anything. She gives you her undivided attention. Even when dealing with us, as very emotional sellers, and an extremely difficult selling agent in San Diego, she never got rattled. She personally troubled-shot every challenge. She often said to us; “I just want everyone to be happy.” We knew that was her true motivation when we watched her personally go to great lengths to make sure the buyer of our home was also getting a house completely in order. Samantha didn’t represent them and they didn’t ask for any extras … Samantha did everything she did for them out of the goodness of her heart. She loves people. She loves what she does. She’s one in a million. We will forever be grateful to have found this wonderful lady who lovingly guided us through one of the most challenging transitions of our lives. No way could we have done it without her. Thank you Samantha. You are a diamond in the “ruff” real estate industry!!"

           02/25/2022 / Amanda B / Escondido


  • “Samantha Kirkpatrick was on top of her game from start to finish. Her local knowledge and attention to detail were unmatched. She answered my questions were timely & helped me through the process calmly. Samantha & her assistant Sherry Litt gave me updates frequently. She recommended a lender whom she worked with frequently who get the process done in 21 days which we met. It helped considerably that she worked as a broker herself for years. She drove a long distance to my home to personally conduct 3 open houses. I would highly recommend Samantha & Sherry as agents to sell & buy your home over any other agent in a heartbeat.”

          08/22/2021 / Phyllis K / Encino

  • “Samantha was recommended to us by a friend who was also an ex client.and who couldn't speak highly enough of her. Everything she said about her was absolutely true; Samantha really does go above and beyond the level of help one would hope for. She was omnipresent at every stage of the sale, offered advice when it was relevant and oversaw every detail of the process. She simply must be the best - I cannot imagine anyone contributing more to a successful transaction.”

          06/24/2021 |Tom J. | Oxnard

  • “Samantha Kirkpatrick has provided real estate services several times for me and was exceptional at what she did for me as my agent. She has always kept me informed of every stage of buying or selling my homes and provides this information with extreme professional care and courtesy. She recently sold my home in 4 days. She negotiated a much higher price for the home than I expected and that paid for the real estate commission. She was always there for any questions or concerns and decorated my home to create a more appealing view for prospective buyers at no cost to me. She made understanding and signing all official documents amazingly easy. She is extremally knowledgeable about real estate, home values, property, financing, and the loan process. And she has a great personality to make everyone, include the buyer, feel good about their investment. Samantha also provided her real estate services when I purchased a home in 2015. Another great experience. She showed me the home value and how my investment would be very rewarding, as it turned out to be. I will absolutely contract with Samantha for my next real estate investment as I have not found any agent as qualified, professional, experienced, or courteous as Samantha. I highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.”

          03/11/2021 | Ken H. | Oxnard

  • “This was my first time selling and second time buying. First time working with Samantha. I can't begin to tell you how great of a realtor Samantha is! Samantha and her assistant Sherry were so on top of everything and jumped through every hoop to make sure I got the condo I "had to have." My condo sale and purchase were not the most expensive listings compared to some of her million dollar listings but I never for one second felt like I wasn't a priority. Will continue to use her for all future real estate needs.”

          02/15/2021 / Crystal B./ Thousand Oaks


  • “We sold our long-term home of 23 years and Samantha's expertise and professionalism during the process helped tremendously. She thinks outside the box and went above and beyond in getting things done and always making us feel like she had our backs. She was honest and upfront and helped us manage expectations and very knowledgeable. Can’t imagine anyone else working as hard or as diligently as Samantha. Thanks to both you and Clyde!”

          11/28/2020 | John D | Los Angeles


  • “All you need is Samantha and a plan! Selling? Want top dollar? Broke my heart but we had to sell. Samantha and I met, came up with a plan and a repair budget. We flipped the house and were on market in a week. It was incredible, ask her about it. We were on the leading edge of what the market had to offer. We accepted an offer and couldn’t get the support we needed out of appraisal. No worries, we went back to market and got an offer that allowed us to get asking price. We still managed to sell in less than 60 days. I wouldn’t work with anyone else. Thanks Samantha!”

         10/19/2020 | Cwcactt | Moorpark, CA.


  • “We listed our property with Samantha! She is prompt, professional and knowledgeable... A real joy to work with! Samantha worked hard and got us top dollar for our property!”

         10/16/2020 | Kimber E. | Thousand Oaks


  • “I have bought and sold many properties over the past 30 years and Samantha is by far the best agent I have worked with. She made the impossible happen, closing on both sides of my transaction (sale & purchase) within 2 days of each other. This was a complex situation given the fact that I was trying to close on a sale of my home prior to closing on my new purchase, in order to avoid costly closing costs on a bridge loan. I accepted an offer on my home just 2 weeks before the scheduled close of the new property and Samantha was able to get it closed on time, so I did not need to obtain a bridge loan. She is very straight forward and knows her business inside & out. I would work with her again in a minute and highly recommend her for any real estate needs. She's the bomb!"

          11/15/2019 |Diane D. | Oxnard


  • “Samantha and Clyde were absolutely amazing in the prep and sale of my mother's home. They are true experts in the area and I would recommend them for any real estate activity/endeavor. They have years of experience in the area and an endless list of contractors to help get you quality service at reasonable prices in any home remodel situation. Additionally, they know the probate process (if that is necessary) and are better than any of the bottom-feeders out there that profess to be experts in this arena. They were able to help me with an almost complete remodel of the home, and successfully sold the home (great price) and the entire process took less than three months. You can't go wrong contacting these two for your needs.”

          04/15/2019  | Chris N.  | Thousand Oak


  • "If I could give Samantha 10 stars I would. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate, she is a pleasure to be around and work with. She is quick, smart, intelligent and fun. I was "working" with another real estate agent and when I met her at an open house, i just followed my gut. She is THE best I have ever met. She will get you what you want. She is the soul of a lion."

          11/29/2018 | Elisha L | Thousand Oaks


  • "Samantha Kirkpatrick was absolutely amazing to work with and was on top of our transaction through the entire process! She is exceptionally knowledgeable, detail oriented, and delightful to work with! I could never work with another agent after having this terrific experience!"

          07/02/2018 | Tami P | Thousand Oaks


  • “Samantha is a very seasoned professional realtor who has built a reputation in Westlake Village. She can show you a great experience. This is how houses should be sold.” 

          6/6/2018 | Armando L. | Westlake Village


  • “Bought a property last March '17 and it was effortless with Samantha. She battled with the price for us from the beginning and was very pleased with the final purchase. She fought for us we any defect she thought and even insisted on an extra warranty for us which paid off in 3 months when the water heater broke. Her follow-up has been exceptional, the latest being our closing documents last month for tax purposes, just in case we had misplaced them. I highly recommend her.” 

          02/17/2018  | David D  | Westlake Village


  • Samantha was referred to us by a colleague and we couldn't have made a better choice! From day 1 she was like a bullet train full speed ahead. We went from thinking about buying a house, and in less than 2 months we were home owners! She made everything fall into place, exactly the kind of realtor  I wanted to work with! She worked for and with us every step of the way! We needed someone who knew the market, knew the process and could walk us through every single detail , since we both have pressing jobs and travel schedules, I really needed someone to take care of all the details , and she did just that! She is a Great Educator , is a wealth of knowledge from every aspect of not only buying a house, but also very in tune with home fix it projects, renovations and home inspection items. She has an eye for detail and didn't settle for anything less than what we were hoping for. She is so easy to work with and has a great team of people that make the process, quick , efficient and pain free. We can't thank and recommend her enough. 2 months ago we didn't think we'd be able to buy for years to come , but with Samantha, she made our dreams a very quick reality!” 

          10/16/2017 | Michelle F / Simi Valley


  • “Samantha is an exceptional agent.  She treated my wife and I like family and looked out for our best interest every step of the way.  She was patient, kind and understanding.  We are first time homeowners and could not imagine buying a property without her guidance.  She is the best at what she does.  Samantha fights for you and is prepared for anything.  Fearless!  Everyone on Samantha’s team was as professional and knowledgeable as she was.” 

          07/12/2017  | Julio S | Thousand Oaks


  • Samantha was amazing to work with, we highly recommend her. She was our daughter and future son-in-law's realtor and helped them find their place a few years ago, so they suggested we contact her when we started looking for a place in Thousand Oaks. So glad we did! She did a fantastic job, got to know our parameters and what we were looking for in her efforts to find us the right place. On the first outing to look at a few different places, she had a detailed, bounded packet with information on each home. She was always very responsive, evenings, weekends, whenever we reached out, she got right back to us. We live out of the area so between Samantha and Sherry, they took great care of us every step of the way and handled some matters/inspections for us when we were unable to be there in person when it came time to close the deal. Samantha has great connections, extremely knowledgeable and an amazing negotiator. Buying a house is a huge and stressful process, but working with Samantha made all the difference in the world! If you're looking for a realtor, Samantha Kirkpatrick is it!!!” 

          04/26/2017 | David D | Westlake Village


  • My wife and I are novices when it comes to purchasing Real Estate. However when the time came to purchase our own home it's was critical to have a Real Estate professional who was at the top of their game. Samantha Kirkpatrick was that person. She and her associate Jennifer Romero made us feel  at ease, were patient with us and guided us through the process. They always returned our calls in a timely manner and strongly negotiated on our behalf. During the closing process we were provided with a written timeline as well as multiple emails and text messages to keep us on track so the process ran smoothly. We are grateful for Samantha's expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase property of any kind. She is without a doubt the Real Estate professional that you need.” 

          02/08/2017 | Glenn G | Simi Valley


  • “We used Samantha both to buy and sell a home simultaneously which can be very tricky. She was very professional, proficient, responsive and user friendly - managing to get both transactions done in under six months. We put our trust in her and she delivered every step of the way, guiding us  swiftly along until we were firmly ensconced in our dream home. We could not have asked for a better partner, we highly recommend Samantha.” 

          12/20/2016 | Kathryn V | Hollywood By The Sea, Oxnard


  • “I have been involved in many real estate transactions and more often than not I am extremely disappointed with the agent. Samantha is on an entirely different level and is a true pro. She is a tireless worker who brings integrity, hustle, knowledge, strong negotiation skills and science fiction level responsiveness to the table. She represented us to buy and sell a home simultaneously which can leave you in a vulnerable position if you have the wrong agent. With Samantha everything went without a hitch. If you are looking for an agent, there really is only one call to make and that is to Samantha Kirkpatrick.”

          12/18/2016 | Joshua S | Hollywood By The Sea, Oxnard


  • “We worked with Samantha to purchase our home in Camarillo. She was very patient in answering all the various questions we had in purchasing our home. The process was very smooth and Samantha and her team were available via phone or email for any concerns that came up during the negotiating and financing. She had developed relationships with lenders and home inspectors who will ensure you get the best deal on your home. Thank you for everything, Samantha and Sherry for getting the home we always dreamed out!”

          8/28/2016 | Manuel M | Camarillo


  • “Samantha and her team were most helpful in finding the right house for our family. I appreciate that she listened and offered properties that would address all the items of importance (i.e. quiet neighborhood, pet friendly, safe, right price range). Special acknowledgement to Jenn for going out of her way to make our experience a great one. Samantha really went out of her way to ensure we got the right place and the right deal. Thank you, we all love our new home!”  

          07/27/2016 | Matthew K |Ventura


  • “We loved working with Samantha. We were moving from the east coast and had a very small window of time to look for a home and Samantha delivered! I would refer her to my family and friends!”

          07/27/2016 |Rich M  | Camarillo


  • “Samantha and her team went out of their way to ensure we found the right home for our family. They listened and offered screened properties that were true possibilities for us. She helped us to find a beautiful home and made sure we were properly represented throughout the buying process. Thanks, we love the new home!” 

          07/27/2016 | Venera A  Woodland Hills


  • “Samantha was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so thankful for her help. This woman makes things happen! I didn't think it was possible with our budget to purchase a townhouse in Agoura, but we did and we're so happy and know that it happened because Samantha was our agent. Samantha acts fast when new property pops up and she responds to text messages quicker than my 16 year old cousin (who is always on her phone). She has developed relationships over the years with other realtors and has great communication with them, which helps when you're making an offer on a property that's in a popular area of LA/Ventura County. Sh loves what she does, which shows because she'll be there for you every step of the way. From looking at different homes to handing your keys. Samantha cares about her clients happiness and will have your back! Thank you, Samantha!! I have wanted to own a home for a long time and I'm in my favorite town :) Thank you for everything!!”

          01/22/2016  | Stephanie P  | Agoura Hills


  • “My son and his wife were purchasing their first home and I really needed an aggressive and creative realtor to help them find a home. Samantha was the first realtor we called and in just a short conversation we were sold. Extremely personable and very sincere. She truly listened to what my son really was hoping for in a home. She made sure she was aware of every detail of the Real Estate side as well as for the loan that was in process. She pretty much made sure every step got completed. Samantha had an amazing assistant, Sherry, that made all the paper work seem simple and yet thorough. Professional with excellent customer service is very hard to find and Samantha succeeded in both. We will never need to find another realtor for any of our future purchases. We are keeping this one!!”

          11/15/2015  | Maria H | Woodland Hills


  • “She really knows her stuff, we had a really difficult seller and their realtor was a nightmare and Samantha was nothing but professional and persistent and always kept us in the loop. She got us a great deal and she picked a great property for our first home. If you're in the market and in need of a great realtor she is second to none.”

         10/8/2015 | Richard M | Thousand Oaks


  • “Samantha and her assistant Sherry are an incredible team - match made in heaven! They always go above and beyond of call of duty and make things happen. Samantha helped purchase my home, rent it out twice! and sell it! She knows her stuff on both sides (selling and buying) and she will always makes sure that her clients are protected and their interests represented well. Both of these incredible ladies are extremely efficient and beyond helpful. I secretly called her my "shark" in a very loving way! I will miss working with them and would recommend this winning team to all my friends and family.” 

          7/16/2015 | Guzel A | Newbury Park


  • "Samantha Kirkpatrick was an absolute pleasure to work with, she was very resourceful and we never felt that she left our “site” from beginning to the end of our purchase. She would be the only one we would call in the future.”

          3/31/2015 | Carl L  | Port Hueneme


  • “Samantha was exceptional in finding the home that met my needs and price range. She work hard to find me the perfect home I was looking for. She was very sensitive to my availability during the search and was always available when I needed her. During escrow, she kept me informed and always protected my interests. Her help with locating the mortage company was extremely important. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a real estate agent.”

          3/31/2015 | Ken H  | Oxnard


  • “Samantha was good from the get go. She negotiated and the whole transaction was smooth. She was prompt with repairs and questions when needed. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone who is buying or selling the house. SHe definitely knows what she is doing”

          3/17/2015 | Karandeep S | Somis


  • “We had a superb experience working with Samantha Kirkpatrick and her colleague Sherry Litt, and enthusiastically recommend them to both home sellers and buyers. Samantha knows the market, knows the area, and knows how to negotiate hard on behalf of her clients. Sherry is also a wonderful resource who knows the market, knows houses, and led us through every document for our purchase with skill and precision. As buyers in a seller’s market, it took us a long time, and dozens of viewings, to find our home—Samantha and Sherry were always upbeat, available, and encouraging. More concerned with our happiness than closing a deal, they never let us “settle” and we are so pleased we listened to them. Even after our home purchase they have been invaluable resources to answer random real estate questions that come with every home purchase. Samantha and Sherry do more than represent home sellers and buyers, they build long-lasting relationships with their clients and we are very happy we are among that group.”

          1/7/2015 | Babette B  | Oak Park


  • “It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Samantha Kirkpatric in the purchase of my home. While I have bought and sold a number of houses, I have never before encountered such a level of excellence. The experience at each phase of the purchase effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in dealing with the bank, useful insights on renovations, and proactive facilitation during the purchase negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Thus, we highly recommend Samantha Kirkpatrick for residential real estate needs.”

          12/3/2014  | Mike F  | Westlake Village


  • “Samantha was off the charts outstanding. The best of the best. She is a formidable negotiator that obtained an outstanding deal for us. She kept us informed at every twist and turn of the deal and made things come together. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

          10/22/2013  | Doug S. | Camarillo


  • “You won’t find another Realtor that will work as hard as Samantha does! I have recommended Samantha to family and friends and they now have the homes of their dreams in this very difficult market.”

          8/19/2013  | Heidi S | Simi Valley


  •  “We are very active professional real estate investors who have now been involved in over 100 transactions with Samantha, and have chosen her as our exclusive agent to represent us in all of our dealings. Samantha’s work ethic, honesty, knowledge of the market including financing, and negotiation skills have created huge value for us…..we wouldn’t work with anyone else, confidently refer her to others, and are thankful to have her working with us!”

          8/13/2013 | Rich K | Westlake Village


  • “Very well versed in the real estate process. She help us with the offer and counter process to our satisfaction. We sold our same house three times in 40 days before we got the right buyer. She helped us each time to review more homes each time until we found the one we were looking to purchase.”

          8/13/2013  | Bill A  |  Oxnard Shores, Oxnard


  • “Samantha is the well-informed, savvy real estate agent every buyer and/or seller needs behind them to be assured that the job gets done in a timely manner and, even more importantly, gets done correctly!” 1/10/2013   Local knowledge: 4 Stars!  Process expertise:  4 Stars! Responsiveness: 4 Stars! o Negotiation skills: 4 Stars!" 

          1/10/2013 | Erin H | Westlake Village